About Raj Foundation

The bond that links your true family is not one of blood,
but of respect and joy in each other's life
- Richard Bach

Raj Foundation was established on December 26, 2017 in India by Gopal Naidu Lingutla to continue Raj's legacy in helping students with Financial assistance and having a positive impact on communities. Gopal Naidu with his hard work and commitment helped in setting up The Trust named Raj Foundation. Raj Foundation is organized in Anantapur, district of Andhra Pradesh as a non profit organiation with a clear goal to assist students who need financial support to reach their goals.

Gopal Naidu along with his team of like minded individuals operate without any permanent staff and serve the foundation without any compensation. Raj Foundation team selected few schools in Anantapur district at this time and providing school uniforms and supples to needy students, scholarships to top student in class, and has even organized summer computer training. The foundation also provides financial support to some undergraduate students.

Our wish is to increase awareness of education in rural areas by supporting and encouraging students and to create a positive impact in their lives and communities. Raj was always empathetic to those who needed the most, and we follow his path to support students with financial assistance to achieve their dreams and aspirations.